Forced Calorie Reports Could Kill Creativity Will kitchen creativity suffer as a result of regulatory proposals to force restaurants to disclose calorie and other nutrition information on menus and menu boards? Nation's Restaurant News' food editor Bret Thorn, who is no stranger to calorie counting, comments on that topic and others related to the disclosure movement and the state of chain restaurants in America.

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Nation's Restaurant News' intrepid, globe-trotting food editor Bret Thorn recalls some of his least appetizing culinary experiences.

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What's in a name? Chefs rebel against term Molecular Gastronomy What's in a name? Avant-garde chefs rebel against the term Molecular Gastronomy. Nation's Restaurant News food editor Bret Thorn examines the latest twists in creative cookery.
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Taking the Bull by the Horns: To procure great beef, restaurateurs go straight to the source. Nation's Restaurant News food editor Bret Thorn, examines the extremes that chef David Burke and restaurateur Stephen Hanson go to for their steaks
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Animal wrongs: Whole Foods' protection effort eases consumer consciences, but leaves lobsters cold Nation's Restaurant News food editor Bret Thorn examines the food chain, sustainability and the desires of lobsters.

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NRN food editor Bret Thorn tries to demystify our much ballyhooed fifth taste.

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